Hello, Hello, Hello! I am excited to share with you Victoriously Broken. A

radio program to help you heal from life's hardships, by turning your pain

into your own victory.

I, like many, have experienced so much pain in life. But GOD has turned my

pain into victory. During this program, you'll hear stories of pain and

triumph from everyday people to icons from the past and present. I hope

this show encourages you to see promise in tomorrow and understand that

every day is an opportunity from GOD to take control over your own life.

Show Description:

Sharing your personal testimony is not easy, but it’s one of the most

courageous acts one can do. After all, your story might be the very thing to

help someone heal. Join Invincible Thursdays at XX time EST as she

interviews fascinating guests from the community who have overcome life's

greatest ills including depression, homelessness, and toxic relationships. If

you need help navigating on your road to recovery and strengthening your

walk with God, this show is for you.

Crystal Ginyard

Victorious Broken Show Episode 1 - I didCrystal Ginyard
00:00 / 29:12
Victorious Broken Episode 2 - Who am I.mCrystal Ginyard
00:00 / 28:22
episode 3 Staying faithful in the struCrystal Ginyard
00:00 / 25:22

Holly Walker has been an educator for over twenty years and currently teaches Spanish at Oakland University. In addition to teaching, Holly works at Centro Multicultural la Familia as the Coordinator of Education and Workforce Development Services. With a passion for helping advocacy, education, and social activism, Holly has created The Culture Rehab. The Culture Rehab explores the ways in which people experience other cultures and the benefits and challenges of multiculturalism in American society. The Culture Rehab is a forum for thought, honest conversation, and sharing to improve how we understand each other and appreciate our differences as assets in our communities.

Holly Walker

Culture Rehab Show 1 Kim Martin 2021Holly Walker
00:00 / 21:41
Culture Rehab Intro 3 30 2021Holly Walker
00:00 / 15:52
TCR Robert Martin 4 6 2021Holly Walker
00:00 / 21:29

Christine Pellett

Interview Sam 1Christine Pellett
00:00 / 25:38

Christine was born and raised in Michigan. She attended Central Michigan University and graduated with a 

Degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts and Political Science. 

After working in Television and Radio, she left to spend more time with her family, which includes her husband, three daughters, Cat and Dog.

Christine was actively involved at her Children’s schools for over 20 years. Serving as Council President, Coordinator for various events, Lunchroom/Playground Aide as well as many roles at the District level. 

Christine also worked as a retail manager and substitute teacher while volunteering for Church audio/visual teams and the Detroit PBS Station.

Currently, she works at an Elementary school in office administration. 

Christine is very excited to be back on the radio and to be a part of The Centro Multicultural organization!

Interview Pastor Andy 2Christine Pellett
00:00 / 26:48
Interview with Anna Broome 4 7 2021Christine Pellett
00:00 / 33:17

Melinda Van Fleet is a business success coach, author of Confidence Mastery for Couples- Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship, and speaker who helps women develop the confidence to believe in themselves, take action and get results. Melinda is the host of Confident Conversations on Central Multicultural Radio. You can connect with her on FB, LI or IG melinda_vanfleet and her website is www.goodkarmasuccesscoach.com.

Confident Conversations with Melinda VanMelinda Van Fleet
00:00 / 19:20

Melinda Van Fleet

Ep 74 CC- Reframing - 31621, 2.45 PMMelinda Van Fleet
00:00 / 13:17
Chapter 5 The “C” word Communication 4Melinda Van Fleet
00:00 / 14:39
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